REAL Rose Petals for Romantic Occasions

Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Nothing beats REAL rose petals for Valentine's Day or other romantic occasions!  Our freeze dried rose petals are REAL petals that have been preserved, so you can order them now and they will be perfect to use on Valentine's Day or any other special occasion.  No thawing, no putting them in the fridge, just open the box and they are ready to use.
Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Rosy Mauve Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Rosy Mauve

Whisper Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Romance Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Romance Blend

Pink Dried Rose Petals


Hot Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Hot Pink

Red Freeze Dried Rose Petals

NEW Passion Blend

Burgundy Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Pricing Starts at $29.95 for 10 cups, click below for more details.

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Quantity suggestions:

  • 10 cups - Adds a romantic touch to a small room.
  • 30 cups - Great for a light trail or to accent a bedroom.
  • 50 cups - Decorate a room with rose petals everywhere.
  • 100 cups - Create a trail to a room filled with petals. The trail of candles and petals to a heart on this page show 100 cups of petals in use.
  • 200+ cups - Spectacular decorating ideas, contact us for assistance if you'd like!