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10 Misconceptions Regarding Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Freeze dried rose petals have gained in popularity over the last 10 years, however, they still tend to be misunderstood.  Let’s clear up some of the misconceptions regarding freeze dried rose petals (we just state the facts, the misconceptions are implied as to not create more confusion):

  1. They are NOT frozen.  The term “freeze” in freeze dried only refers to the process used to preserve them.  Once they are preserved, they are simply stored at room temperature, you don’t need to keep them in the freezer.fdcones
  2. They will not last forever.  They may be preserved, but they still have a limited shelf life.  You can expect lighter colors to last a few months, while darker colors can last a year or more.  Over time, the petals will lose their vibrancy and begin to fade.  The best way to store them is in a dark, dry location, such as a closet.
  3. They will never again become fresh petals.  They still look like fresh rose petals, however, they are dry and more delicate.  While you can add moisture to make them softer and more pliable, they cannot be rehydrated into fresh petals.
  4. They only come in natural colors.  Real freeze dried rose petals are only available in natural colors.  Some may be dyed in colors such as blue and green, then freeze dried, yielding a quality petal.  Often times, however, they are lower quality dyed and preserved petals which can stain worse than fresh.
  5. Not all rose petals are the same.  There is a wide range of quality in the marketplace, so you should always get samples before placing an order to make sure you’re getting the quality you expect.  You should seek out a company that specializes in freeze drying if you want to find the best quality.
  6. Not really “white”.  Ivory rose petals are as close to white as is possible with a natural rose petal.  Even “white” roses held up next to a pure white gown will not look white, but more of an off-white.
  7. They typically don’t smell like roses anymore.  Along with the moisture, the freeze drying process ends up removing much of their scent.  You may notice that more fragrant varieties still smell like a rose, but most do not have any smell at all.
  8. Quantity and quality are difficult to compare online.  Here’s where it may take a little work to find the best value as it’s nearly impossible to compare one vendor to another based on photos and online descriptions.  Even comparing quantity, from cups to ounces to number of petals, it can get confusing.  Again, getting samples can help make an informed decision.
  9. They do float… kinda.  While freeze dried rose petals will float in water, they also will eventually reabsorb water.  When this happens, they tend to get soggy and change color.  They will generally last at least a few hours if undisturbed, so it’s best to put them in the water as close to the start of your event as possible.
  10. Anyone can freeze dry flowers at home.  Freeze drying is not a DIY project, it requires specialized equipment operating at extremely low temperatures and pressures.

Did we miss anything?  Let us know what you think.

History of Rose Petals in Weddings

Rose petals are a must have at every wedding, but why is that so?  The origin of rose petals at weddings is rather ambiguous, but looking throughout history, one can find examples of rose petal use in weddings.  The tradition essentially derives from the idea of fertility.  The flower girl walks down the aisle before the bride, strewing rose petals as she goes.  The young girl traditionally wears a white dress and tosses red rose petals.  Symbolically, the white dress represents purity, whereas the red rose petals represent fertility.  Therefore, the image of the flower girl is meant to depict the bride’s loss of purity for that of romance and fertility with her marriage.

The use of rose petals at weddings today evolved from different traditions and events in many different countries.  Ancient Romans and Egyptians threw seeds at the newlyweds to grant them fertility, translating eventually into rose petals.  Cleopatra had rose petals covering her living quarters, so once Marc Anthony met her, he would always remember her whenever he saw or smelt a rose.  In Medieval England, a flower girl lead the bride to her wedding, leaving her path covered in rose petals as a symbol of happiness and to make her last walk as a maiden a wonderful and beautiful occasion.

Rose petals not only serve a purpose for weddings though, and each color of rose holds a different traditional meaning.  Red, most obviously, conveys deep love and passion, whereas a white rose symbolizes purity.  If one is looking for a rose petal color to express friendship and caring, yellow is the color to give.  A light purple shade represents love at first sight, and a dark purple rose color signifies majesty, and quite traditionally, royalty.  Lighter colors, like pink, orange, and peach, show lighter emotions.  Pink lets one express their appreciation for another, orange togetherness, and peach, hope for a future.