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Recent Fall Weddings

We absolutely love hearing from our customers! Diana, the mother of a recent bride, sent us some great photos of the petals used for tossing:

Pink and Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals in tossing cones – Photo by Marty Pettit Photography

She ordered 200 cups of our Pink and Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals, using mostly pink and just a little ivory. Using larger cones worked well with our large rose petals, as they filled each one with about a cup of petals. The variety of baskets was a great idea and contained them well.

Pink and Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals in 200 cones – Photo by Marty Pettit Photography

When it came time for the toss, the photographer got some great shots of the petals being tossed in the air and gently floating down around them!

Pink and Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals – Photo by Marty Pettit Photography

Pink and Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals – Photo by Marty Pettit Photography

Thanks again to Diana for sharing!

Petals for Your Aisle

When decorating for a wedding, aisles typically take more rose petals than everywhere else combined.  It can also be difficult to determine just how many petals you need to achieve the look you imagine.  Fortunately, our experience can help make this task easy for you since we have literally helped calculate the quantity of petals need for thousands of aisles.


Ivory and Lavender freeze dried rose petals were used to create this beautiful outdoor aisle.

The first things you need to know are where the aisle will be located and it’s dimensions.  If it’s on grass, you should be using the freeze dried rose petals since they are biodegradable.  We’ve seen what happens when silk is used, you don’t want to spend your day picking thousands of petals out of the grass one by one.  You also need to know if guests will be able to reach their seats from the outside aisles.  You’ll be emotional enough walking down the aisle, you don’t need to be upset to see that the guests trampled your perfectly laid pattern of petals.  Once you’ve measured out the area, it’s time to decide how you want it to look.

The quantity of petals used for aisle designs can vary greatly.  Are you looking to create a border, or fill the entire aisle?  Do you want a sprinkling of petals, or to completely cover the ground below?  Traditionally, rose petals are either evenly sprinkled down the entire aisle, or are used to create a border along both sides.  A recent trend, however, is to create a scrolling pattern of petals.  With any of these designs, brides are forgoing the traditional fabric aisle runner as the petals create the pathway.  Just be sure to choose colors that provide enough contrast with the ground below.

Jill & Jonathan No3

Your budget will play an important part, so once you have a basic idea of the design, you should then calculate the quantity needed.  The easiest way to figure out how many petals you need is to use our online rose petals calculator.  You’ll need the aisle length, coverage type, and design layout that you determined above, just enter them in and you’ll get the recommend quantity of petals in either freeze dried or silk.  Another way to calculate the quantity is to get a smaller amount to test, create a mock-up of your design, then calculate exactly how many you need.  This is especially helpful if you’re planning to use a large quantity or have an intricate design.

Now that you know the quantity, in future posts, we will explain in detail how to create some of the aisle designs you’ve seen in photos.

Weddings and Rose Petals… a Perfect Match

When you think of using rose petals in a wedding, a cute little flower girl carrying a basket probably comes to mind.  While this is the most obvious use of petals, it certainly isn’t the only place they are used.  In addition to (or instead of) having the flower girl sprinkling petals, many brides are choosing to decorate the aisle with rose petals.

Silk rose petals creating an ombre effect at the Claire Pettibone show.

Aisles:  While simply bordering or covering the aisle with petals is most common, a recent trend is to create a design with the petals.  Swirling patterns or monograms take the design to the next level.  For outdoor aisles, freeze dried rose petals work best since they are biodegradable, while indoors, silk petals are an economical alternative.  A trend this year is to use a graduated “ombre” color effect, such as going from red to yellow with shades of orange in between, or starting with ivory and gradually getting darker towards your primary wedding color.

Tossing:  Another popular use for rose petals is the petal toss when exiting the church or ceremony location.  Brides will often have them packaged in cones or organza bags to contain them, which also makes it easy to distribute them to guests.  Another option is to just have a big bowl for guests to grab a handful.  It’s best to assign the task of distributing the petals to a family member or friend so that all of your guests participate in the toss, and co-ordinate with your photographer so they get the best shots.  If cleanup is easy, such as a concrete sidewalk, silk petals can be used, otherwise, freeze dried rose petals are again recommended as they are eco-friendly.  Either way, go for something colorful here so it shows up better in the photos, you don’t need to match the color of the bridesmaid dresses.

toss-pinkReception Tables:  Moving on to the reception, rose petals make an excellent table decoration as they complement just about any type of centerpiece.  If you are using a traditional floral centerpiece, just sprinkle the petals in corresponding colors around the base.  If you are using candles, use mounds of petals in complementing colors, just keep them clear of the flame.  For rectangular tables, a runner of petals down the center with clusters of candles adds elegance while allowing room for guests to dine.  The freeze dried petals are recommended on reception tables as they make a great conversation piece.

We’ve touched on the primary uses for petals at a wedding, but you’re certainly not limited by the above suggestions.  More creative uses of petals include making rose petal chandeliers by attaching the petals to strings and draping them around the light.  A similar technique can be used to make curtains.  Even simple ideas such as sprinkling them around the cake table can add an elegant touch to your wedding.  The uses are only limited by your imagination.