Romance Package of 2000 Silk Rose Petals + candles

romance silk rose petals

Our Romance packages packages contain our Silk Rose Petals plus scented and unscented candles.  It's everything you need to surprise that special someone. 

Romance 2000 contains 2,000 red silk rose petals, 4 rose scented tealight candles (slightly smaller than above photo), and 16 unscented candles.  Sprinkle petals on a bed and scatter around a candlelit room.

Quantity: $49.95

Recommended quantities:

  • Trail on a Floor  Figure at least 50 petals per square foot, or 150 petals per linear foot
  • Heart on a Bed  Around 500 petals for a heart outline on a queen bed, 1000 petals for a solid heart
  • In a Bathtub  Use 200 of our Floating Silk Petals
  • Spell it with Petals  Minimum 20 petals per letter, ideally use 50-100 petals per letter.

2000 Silk Rose Petals - With 2000 of our silk rose petals, you will be able to moderately cover the trail to the bed, in addition to the bed itself. If you go with lighter coverage, you can even created a trail to the bathtub. We carry floating silk rose petals as well, if desired.

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