Rose Petals for Romantic Occasions

Rose Petal packages

Our Romance Packages contain our Silk Rose Petals plus scented and unscented candles.  It's everything you need to surprise that special someone; and yes, we supplied these petals for the movie Arthur!

Romance 1000   $24.99  On Sale for $19.95
Contains 1,000 red silk rose petals, 1 rose scented tealight candle, and 4 unscented candles, enough to create a romantic atmosphere in a small bedroom or apartment.

Romance 2000   $44.99  On Sale for $39.95
Contains 2,000 red silk rose petals, 2 rose scented tealight candles, and 8 unscented candles, sprinkle petals on a bed and scatter around a candlelit room.

Romance 4000   $84.99  On Sale for $69.95
Contains 4,000 red silk rose petals, 3 rose scented tealight candles, and 15 unscented candles, create a trail of petals to a candlelit bedroom, with petals on the bed and across the room, plus the scent of roses in the air.

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Freeze Dried Silk Rose Petals
Freeze Dried Silk Rose Petals
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