Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Our popular Ivory freeze dried rose petals (cones not included)

Real rose petals, freeze dried in the USA!  Our roses come from the best growers on earth.  Once we have them in our shop in upstate New York, we carefully remove each petal from the rose, separating out the imperfect ones.  We then load them into one of our commercial freeze dryers to begin the two week preservation process.  The result is stunning, but we don't stop there.  We sort them again to remove any petals that don't meet our standards while we are custom packaging your order, so you have only the most beautiful rose petals for your special day.  Our quality is unsurpassed, while our prices are quite affordable, just browse our selection below and you'll see.

Why use Freeze Dried Rose Petals?

  • - You can get them in advance and they last for months with no wilting
  • - They can be stored at room temperature, no freezing necessary
  • - Completely biodegradable, perfect for outdoor use
  • - Low cost shipping since they are not perishable
  • - Decorate hours or even days in advance, no last-minute rushing

Order Timing

In a hurry with a last-minute order? We have you covered. In 22+ years of business, we've never run out of rose petals! We carry a continuously rotating stock of petals, so just place your order ASAP and be sure to enter your event date. We can generally ship the same day for rush orders, just choose the appropriate shipping method on checkout.

If you're very color specific, however, Please Order In Advance! Our rose petals are very popular and we will not compromise quality. Sure, we could freeze dry well in advance and store up months worth of inventory, but over time, all freeze dried rose petals show their age, it's only natural! We don't just pull boxes off a shelf and ship them, each order is custom packaged from "fresh" batches of petals that are recently freeze dried.

We take orders up to one year in advance of your event date, so you can reserve the exact color and quantity you need. Many customers, however, prefer to place their order shortly before their event. This is usually fine, however, we occasionally are out of stock on some colors. When this happens, orders are prioritized based on order date, so if you planned ahead, you're getting your rose petals. If you waited to order, we can get petals to you, but they may not be your first color choice. You'll notice where we ask for your event date on the ordering sections below.

Basically, just place your order as soon as you can, then leave the rest to us. We've been doing this for over 20 years, we'll take care of you!

Browse by Category:

We recommend that you request a sample before placing your order if exact color matching is a concern.

Not sure how much to order? Check out our Quantity Recommendation Page.
How many petals per cup?  Find out here.

Premium Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Rosy Mauve Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Rosy Mauve

Whisper Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Gemstone Freeze Dried Petals

Gemstone - NEW!

Pink Dried Rose Petals


Hot Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Hot Pink

Red Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Burgundy Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Cherry Vanilla Freze Dried Rose Petals


Sugarplum Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Razmataz Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Yellow Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Peach Freeze Dried Petals


Peach Kiss Freeze Dried Petals

Peach Kiss

Citrus Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Coral Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Lilac Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Dusty Purple Dried Rose Petals

Dusty Purple

Pricing Starts at $29.95 for 10 cups, order from our NEW checkout system here:

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Specialty Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Our Specialty rose petals are more unique colors. The colors below are typically available year-round.

Blush Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Seashell Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Flamingo Dried Rose Petals


BubbleGum Dried Rose Petals


Berry Frost Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Berry Frost

Pumpkin Freeze Dried Rose Petals


CandyCorn Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Lavender Freeze Dried Rose Petals


We also have specialty dyed petals:

Purple Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Purple (dyed)

Blue Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Blue (dyed)

Green Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Green (dyed)

Teal Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Teal (dyed)

Blacklight Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Blacklight (dyed)

Pricing for Specialty petals starts at $34.95 for 10 cups,
find all of our colors and order from our NEW checkout system here:

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If you have any issues using the "Order Now" button above,
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Pathway Petals

Pathway Petals are an assortment of Premium and Specialty petals which are less than perfect. They may be cracked, small, or have color variations. While they are not recommended for table decoration or uses where they are closely observed, they are an excellent value for pathways, bathtubs, bedrooms, and more.

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