How to soften Freeze Dried Rose Petals

The easiest way to soften the petals is to place them in a bathroom while taking a shower. While they will not become as soft as a fresh petal, they will absorb the steam and become softer and more pliable. This can also brighten the color of darker petals. The longer the freeze dried rose petals are exposed to the moisture, the softer they will get. If the humidity in the air is normal or high, this procedure can be done within a few days before the event to achieve your desired effect. If the air is dry, the petals may not soften or will quickly dry out again.

We recommend placing your order for freeze dried rose petals at least 3 months in advance to reserve your quantity and color. Once we receive your order, we schedule a shipping date of about 2 to 3 weeks prior to your event so you receive the highest quality petals. Rush orders can often be filled, but color selection may be limited as advance orders take priority.