How many rose petals per cup?

rose petals per cup

Both contain exactly 25 petals, which would you prefer?

How many petals are in a cup?  This is one of the most commonly asked questions recently, but there is no simple answer.  It's kind of like asking "How many potato chips are in a bag?"  As you can see from the photo above, a simple number doesn't tell the full story.  If you have petals that are flat and the size of a dime, you could have over 100 petals per cup.  On the other hand, if you have full sized petals from long stemmed South American roses (like ours), you may have 20 to 50 petals per cup.  Now, let's say you're using the petals in grass to border an aisle, would you want 20,000 small petals that slip down between the blades of grass, or 4,000 large petals that lay on top of the grass?  Both quantities are 200 cups of petals, but fewer petals give a much better result.

The best way to determine quantity is to figure out what you want your decoration to look like, then use our online petal quantity calculator.  We have photos of different coverage amounts to help you visualize.  If you're unsure how many you need, just ask us, we're here to help.  Oh, and for the record, those are our Blush petals on the left.

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