Getting Married?  ...plan your rose petal needs here

Seven steps to purchasing your rose petals

Step 1 - Where to use petals.

Okay, so you KNOW you're using rose petals at your wedding, right?  Have you figured out where? Some important things to decide with this step are where you plan to use them and what types to use.  The most common uses are:

  • Aisles - From a simple border to an aisle full of petals, be creative and get the WOW factor.
  • Tossing - Have your guests toss rose petals instead of rice or bird seed.
  • Tables - They make a great accent around a floral centerpiece.

Step 2 - Choose your colors.

Now that you know where you're using petals in your wedding, the next step is figuring out what colors you'll be using.  Have you decided on the color of the bridesmaid dresses?  How about the venue and reception decorations?  Once you make those decisions, it's time to turn your attention to the color of the rose petals.  We have over 100 colors to choose from between our silk and freeze dried, so you're sure to find ones that correspond with your theme.

Step 3 - Determine your quantity and budget.

You'll have to do a little math here, but we've made it easy, just use our online petal calculator.  Simply enter a few details and we can show you how many you'll need.  Then you can see how the quantity fits your budget so you can make adjustments from there.  We have several options to fit all budgets, including our lowest cost artificial petals and our imperfect Pathway Petals for when you need real petals and lots of them.

Step 4 - Get samples.

By now, you know what types and colors of rose petals you need.  We recommend getting samples at this point so you see the color and feel the texture of the actual petals.  We offer FREE samples because we are confident in our petals, just click on the type of petal to get started:  Silk  or  Freeze Dried

Step 5 - Place your order.

Whether you're ordering the silk rose petals or the freeze dried, we recommend placing your order well in advance.  The silk petals ship as soon as you order them, while the freeze dried are scheduled to ship about 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding.  Don't wait until then to order, though, as you will want us to reserve your color and quantity.  Once you've placed your order with your florist, it's a good time to order your petals from us.

Step 6 - Receive your petals.

Your rose petals can simply be stored in a closet until you need them.  We include more detailed care instructions with your order.

Step 7 - Enjoy your Wedding!

Make sure your photographer gets lots of photos, and please share them with us!