What makes a quality Freeze Dried Rose Petal?

We know that we make the absolute best quality freeze dried rose petals, and at an excellent price. How can we prove it? Read on!

We begin by finding the best roses in the world for our petals. Our search lead us to South American roses, specifically from Colombia and Ecuador. These countries have the ideal climate for growing roses year-round. This is very important considering our customers require petals year-round. Companies that grow their own roses for freeze drying are limited by their local growing season. If roses are only blooming for half the year, what does that mean if your event is in the non-growing season? If, for instance, you have a Spring wedding, that means your petals came from roses that were blooming the year before. This isn't the case with our petals.

With Petal Garden, our petals make the transformation from a live rose growing on a bush to freeze dried rose petals decorating your special event in an average of six to eight weeks. We receive our roses within a few days of being cut, fresher than your florist typically gets roses. They are then recut, hydrated, and opened. Our "petaling" system provides the best quality going into the freeze dryer, where any imperfect petals are separated and become part of our Pathway Petals offering. Once dried, we again inspect all the petals that go into your case. It usually takes about an hour to package a large case of freeze dried because we look at each and every petal that we ship out. This makes a huge difference in what you receive, just look at our reviews page to hear what our customers say about our competitor's products compared to ours.

Some other companies claim to have the best quality and the best pricing. I believe we have shown why we have the best quality, and once you've seen our petals, I'm sure you'll agree. In fact, with our surveys that we send out after we mail our samples, 100% of the respondents state that our petals are as good or better than our competition. Simply put, no one has found petals better than ours.

In regards to pricing, that's an easy one for you to determine. Simply take the price of your petals and divide it by the number of cups and you will end up with a "per cup" price. We've done the math, and we can't see how other companies claim to have the best price. Our prices are lower on almost every color and case size we sell.

If we still haven't convinced you that Petal Garden is your best choice, call or email us and let us know what we can do. Otherwise, we look forward to providing you with freeze dried rose petals for your special event.