Frequently Asked Questions

Silk Rose Petals

How many petals do I need for...?

We have an online petal quantity calculator, just click here.  If you have special requirements or need help calculating, just contact us and we can help.

Are the silk petals loose, or do they need to be separated?

Our silk rose petals are fully separated and loose in the bag.  Some vendors sell petals stuck together in stacks of several hundred petals which must be separated one by one in order to use them (think of a stack of paper plates stuck together).  Our petals come loose in bags and ready to use.

Will the silk petals bleed in water (or when the get wet)?

The color will bleed in water, most noticeably with the darker colors.  We recommend that you rinse the darker colors prior to use.  This would also apply to outdoor use if you are concerned about color transfer.  You can also use our special floating petals which are colorfast.

Will the silk petals float in water?

The regular silk petals do not float in water, they will gently sink to the bottom.  This works well if you want to fill a vase of water with petals (just rinse the darker colors first).  If you need the petals to float on top of the water, we have special floating petals.

How long do silk petals last?

Since they are made of fabric, they do not "go bad".  Just treat them as you would any other fabric and they will last a lifetime.  For long term storage, simply keep them in a closet.

What is the difference between the "Aisle" petals and the "Silk" petals?

The Aisle petals and the Silk petals are both artificial rose petals made from fabric. The silk petals are made from a micropeach material to give them a soft, fuzzy feel on the front side of the petal. The aisle petals do not have this micropeach, so they are slightly thinner, but this actually makes them feel a little softer. Both petals are the same size, about 2 to 2 1/4 inches in diameter, but the colors do not match exactly between the two types due to the difference in materials. The silk petals look more realistic and are available in over 100 colors, while the aisle petals have a more limited color selection, but are a great value for covering large areas. 

Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Are they frozen? Do I need to thaw them?

The term "freeze dried" only refers to the process used to preserve the petals, they will arrive at room temperature and ready to use.  Once you receive your order, you can simply store the petals in their shipping box in a dark, dry location until you need them.

Are they soft like a fresh petal?

The preservation process removes their moisture, so they are no longer soft.  They do, however, retain their shape and color, so unlike fresh petals, they can be stored for months without wilting.

How soon should I order? I don't want them to go bad.

While we are often filling last minute requests, you can order our freeze dried rose petals up to a year in advance. Ideally, we recommend ordering at least 3 months in advance to secure your quantity and color selection. Orders placed in advance are entered into our reservation system where we schedule a shipping date based on your occasion date and zip code. Your petals typically ship about 3 weeks before your event for the best quality, while ordering in advance guarantees availability of your color and quantity. If you need them sooner or have any special requirements, please use the Special Instructions area on the Checkout page. You can expect freeze dried rose petals to arrive approximately 2 weeks prior to your event date. For events less than 2 weeks away, we typically ship within 1 business day when in stock. During peak times, advance orders take priority. Please note that if you are paying by credit card, we do not charge your card until the petals ship, while PayPal orders are charged when ordered.

How many petals do I need for...?

We have an online petal quantity calculator, just click here.  If you have special requirements or need help calculating, just contact us and we can help.


How fast can I get my order?

We have many shipping options, from FedEx Overnight if you are in a rush, to First Class Mail for the lowest cost.  The cost depends on what you are ordering and how fast you need it.  You can usually get a shipping quote and delivery date estimate by simply entering your items into the online cart, then enter your zip code on the "View Cart" page.  If our system is unable to determine a rate (or if you're shipping international), it may only display "Standard Shipping", you will then need to proceed to the "Checkout" page to enter your full shipping address.  From there, you will find a section of shipping rates.

Do you ship to Canada or internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world!  To place an order or to just get the cost, simply add the items you would like to the cart.  It will then ask for your country, postal code, and shipping method.  You must select an International shipping method, such as Priority Mail Int'l or Express Mail Int'l (depending on how soon you need it) and it will give you a quote in US Dollars.  For small orders, we have First Class Mail Int'l available, too. Just let us know if you need further assistance.  Please note that orders shipping internationally to Canada and other countries outside of the US may incur additional charges such as duties and other taxes as determined by the recipient country.

We have negotiated a special program with FedEx for shipments to Canada. You can select Priority Mail International from the checkout, but when we receive your order, we will see if it qualifies for the upgraded shipping. In many cases, we can upgrade to FedEx Priority International at no extra cost, which typically guarantees 1-2 day delivery time. Best of all, the brokerage charge is included. You are still responsible for duties and taxes (GST, PST, etc.) and may have a $10 charge for FedEx to prepay the taxes on your behalf, but it's comparable to the CanadaPost charge of $8 plus taxes.

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